MBW 788: Notchgate - M1 Pro & M1 Max MacBook Pro


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M1 Pro & M1 Max MacBook Pro

  • Apple introduces HomePod mini in new bold and expressive colors
  • Introducing the next generation of AirPods: The world's most popular wireless headphones just got better
  • Apple introduces the Apple Music Voice Plan
  • Game-changing MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max delivers extraordinary performance and battery life, and features the world's best notebook display
  • Introducing M1 Pro and M1 Max: the most powerful chips Apple has ever built
  • Apple confirms Universal Control delay, says it's launching sometime 'later this fall'
  • Apple's new 140W charger can fast charge a lot more than just your MacBook Pro
  • Developers can choose to take advantage of the notch area on new MacBook Pro
  • Apple reverts to more traditional Safari tab design in macOS Monterey RC following controversy

Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone With Bluetooth
  • Christina's pick: Kaleidoscope App
  • Leo's pick: SystemTalk - mac-history
  • Alex's pick: Satechi Stand & Hub for Mac Mini with SSD Enclosure

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, and Andy Ihnatko

Guest: Christina Warren

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