Say Hell No to Overwhelm | Ep #25


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I hate feeling overwhelmed, don’t you? It feels terrible. Especially at the holidays, many of us feel even more overwhelm than usual. It seems like it just takes us over, and it can ruin the fun of the season. How can you approach the holidays without being overwhelmed? This is the question I asked myself, and on this episode I share some simple solutions so you can say “Hell no!” to overwhelm. I’m Susan Collum, the mature woman’s weight loss coach, and this is where I share all the practical and spiritual tools to lose those mid-life pounds for good. I’ll help you take control of your body and your brain, so you can finally lose the extra weight and rebalance your hormones, naturally. You can feel smart AND sexy, even in menopause. It’s time! Lose weight — Gain “ahas!” Check out the show notes and leave comments at Email: IG: @losingitwithsusan FB: /coachsusancollum Music composed and performed by the talented Jameson Stewart.

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