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On this week’s episode of LongDays, Yanni reviews the recent supreme court rulings--the girls & boys in black dresses had a busy week — and reminisces about Justice Clarance Thomas’ attempted canceling by the left--a canceling truly ahead of its time. Year’s later, do you think Anita Hill was telling the truth? Well, what we do know is that if you are against abortion and get nominated by the supreme court you gonna have a hit out on you! Also, why is the Catholic Church still allowed to have adoption agencies, nah mean? Yanni details why gay men couples are without a doubt the most conservative people on the planet! We also cover Republican Obamacare closet cases and All lives matter hypocrites. hey, Congressman Clyde, why are you still socially distancing and not shaking hands with capital hill police officer, Michael Fanone—a good Italian kid who loves his mudder! Nestle in hot water (pun intended) for present day slavery ties. It’s Longdays family, so you know there were a lot of fair points from Comment roulette. Juneteenth ain't no national cupcake day but its kinda of an important holiday, no? Swiss bankers run the world and das it! Oh, and Yanni goes in on Erica from Real Housewives and her scumbag husband Tom Giardi! Wasdadealis!

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