Mary Midgley and Why She Matters


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Contributor(s): Dr Panayiota Vassilopoulou, Ellie Robson, Dr Gregory McElwain | We celebrate the thought of Mary Midgley, whose writing ranges across animal ethics, religion, science, and the natural world, connecting philosophical thought to lived experience. A fierce opponent of the over-reach of science and a lifelong advocate of the humanities, Mary Midgley’s writing ranges across animal ethics, religion, science, and the natural world. In all of these areas, she appealed to a philosophy that is humble and attentive, connecting philosophical thought to lived experience. Join Gregory McElwain, Ellie Robson, and Panayiota Vassilopoulou to celebrate Midgley’s life, work, and legacy, and ask what can she teach us about how to live. Gregory McElwain (@gmcelwain) is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at The College of Idaho. He has a wide range of interests in environmental philosophy, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science, and his research involves the intersection of animal and environmental ethics in environmental philosophy. He focuses primarily on the work of Mary Midgley, and his forthcoming book, Mary Midgley: An Introduction is due for release in November. Ellie Robson (@ERO_Robson) is a Doctoral Researcher of Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London. Panayiota Vassilopoulou is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Liverpool. Danielle Sands (@DanielleCSands) is a Fellow of the Forum for Philosophy and Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Thought at Royal Holloway, University of London. The Forum for Philosophy (@forumphilosophy) is a non-profit organization that hosts weekly events exploring science, politics, and the arts from a philosophical perspective. Twitter Hashtag for this event: #LSEForum

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