Why are the Lakers Waiting to Make a Trade? Should There Be More Urgency?


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With their team sitting at 3-10, Lakers fans have already done their evaluations, and have decided this team needs a great deal of help, and fast. So when more reports emerge the Lakers are in wait-and-see mode—this time from Marc Stein, who notes they want to see what it looks like when Dennis Schroder and Thomas Bryant return to the lineup, likely on Friday vs. Detroit—it understandably gets them upset.

So two questions: First, what exactly will the return of Bryant and Schroder do for Darvin Ham and the rest of the roster? How big an impact can they make? Because we're not talking about All-Stars, here, no disrespect intended.

Second question: What exactly is motivating Rob Pelinka and crew to wait? Is it because they believe these guys, with a health Anthony Davis and a returning LeBron James, are enough to help the Lakers climb out of their hole and back into playoff contention, even if they don't make a move? Or is it to see if those guys, in combination with whatever they could get in a trade, would be enough?

Both require some tough questions be asked. Because with 69 games remaining, the Lakers do in fact have time to get themselves back into postseason contention. Maybe not into the top eight in the West (not without a major change in the quality of their play), but certainly into the top 10. That's not great, but it puts you in the show. From there, you have a puncher's chance, at least, right? On the other hand, 69 games is a lot of time for LeBron and Davis to stay healthy, because even if you have Buddy Hield and Myles Turner in the fold (ignoring for a moment the health history Turner brings) it doesn't really matter what trade the Lakers make if either star is out for an extended period of time. Not when you're 3-10.

So what would you do? Wait for the summer, and risk punting this season, or pull the trigger on a trade that might not get the Lakers where they want to be (not even talking championship, just playoffs) but undercut the chances of serious improvement long term? Do you believe this braintrust is even capable of parlaying next summer's assets into something good?

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1 : The Lakers are waiting and seeing... again.

SEGMENT 2: What is the calculus Rob Pelinka is performing, here?

SEGMENT 3: You're the GM. Would you push in the chips now, or wait?

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