NBA GM Poll Reflects Anthony Davis's Reputation Dropping Around the NBA. (LeBron Still Respected!)


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Every year, produces the GM poll, asking execs around the league all sorts of questions about players, teams, coaches and beyond. In most years, the Lakers and Lakers players are well represented, given their high profile, high expectations, star power and so on. This year, however, when it comes to the Lakers the results are notable mostly because the Lakers are an afterthought. LeBron James pops up in a couple of categories, Darvin Ham in another. The Lakers are expected to finish around 8th in the conference, which makes sense and certainly isn't unfair.

Most notable, though, is the near-total absence of Anthony Davis, who doesn't get mentioned among the best defensive players, centers, power forwards, MVP candidates and so on and so on and so on. One place he does pop up? Breakout candidate, a place usually reserved for much younger players. In total, it shows the massive reputational hit Davis has suffered over the last couple years thanks first and foremost to his inability to stay on the floor. Still, few players have the talent to quickly reset a rep like Davis.

Will he, though? LA's season kind of depends on it.

Meanwhile, the reaction of Lakers fans to Monday's preseason loss was, understandably, all over the map. On the one hand, they lost by 30, there were legitimate issues around rebounding and shooting (stuff that profiles as problematic based on the roster) and more. On the other, the starters looked pretty good, the defense showed signs and at least for one part of one night, the LeBron/Davis/Westbrook trio showed signs of cohesion, at least relative to last season.

Given how poorly things have gone lately, it's reasonable for some Lakers fans to be cautious, and want to see a lot more before opening themselves up to disappointment.

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: Reaction to Monday's game from fans reflects national attitudes about the team.

SEGMENT 2: Highlights of the GM poll. Nice platitudes for Ham, impressive stuff for LeBron.

SEGMENT 3: Anthony Davis has taken a big hit to his rep. Can he get it back this season?

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