Myles Turner Says the Lakers Should Seriously Consider Trading for Myles Turner


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In a podcast with ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that dropped on Monday, Indiana center Myles Turner said the Lakers ought to give serious consideration to making a deal to acquire Indiana center Myles Turner. This in response to a very direct question from Woj, who to his credit did not beat around the bush! This was the first question!

Turner pointed out that he has a lot to offer as a player, on both sides of the ball. He can score at all three levels, defend at an elite level, and -- this is important for any player who wants to play with the Lakers -- sees himself as a center. Not a power forward/center hybrid, but a center. Which, as it turns out, happens to the position foundational player Anthony Davis doesn't want to play.

Turner notes what the Lakers need, that they could use the shooting Buddy Hield provides, and so on. None of this is done with a tone or attitude slagging his current employers, but it also is made clear Turner believes this is a business, and that the Pacers do in fact risk losing him for nothing if they don't make a deal. And, to be fair, Indiana has been shopping the guy for like three seasons, and has made it pretty clear they're not exactly committed to re-signing him. This all runs both ways.

So does any of this make it more likely the Lakers trade for Turner and Hield? Should it? How do the first six games of the season influence that?

How do the prospects of signing a big time free agent in the summer impact that (Kyrie Irving? That still sounds appealing?)

And how does the health of Anthony Davis shade decision-making. The Lakers clearly need to add help around him, because the physical burden is already very large, and his back is already balky. It's hard to believe things will get better physically over the course of the season without some kind of relief, whether in supporting cast or days off. But if they make the deal, are the Lakers locking themselves into 6-seed purgatory?

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: Myles Turner lobbies for the Turner/Hield deal.

SEGMENT 2: Turner says what Lakers fans are thinking... but does it change the calculus of what LA has to consider?

SEGMENT 3: How banged up is Davis? How does his health influence questions around trades?

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