Myles Turner Is Still Top of Mind for Lakers Fans as the Lakers Face a Critical Stretch


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The Lakers still don't know if LeBron James will play Friday night against Detroit. He was a participant in Wednesday's practice, but only in the non-contact portions. Is it a sign he's not healing? Of extra caution? Hard to say. But one thing is clear - both games this weekend (Friday against the Pistons, Sunday vs. San Antonio, both at home) are super important not just from a wins-and-losses standpoint (can't keep making the hole deeper) but also vibes. Detroit and San Antonio are bad teams. With or without LeBron, if the Lakers want to believe they have a chance to compete this year, these games have to be won.

The mental damage that comes with losing over the weekend might be as significant as the hit in the standings. Maybe more.

Along those lines, these games are important in the whole, "Will they or won't they, should they or shouldn't they?" questions around trades. It's fair to say that Lakers fans are still thinking hard about Myles Turner, who continues to tantalize by playing extremely well for the Pacers. So much so that when Rob Pelinka and Jesse Buss were spotted boarding a plane to Indiana, even when everyone knew it wasn't to scout Turner and Buddy Hield, or sit face to face with Pacers boss Kevin Pritchard... people still kinda hoped maybe it was? A big week for wishcasting.

Rob-on-a-plane is a wonderful, fun new entry in the great lineage of "Kevin Garnett bought a house in Malibu!" tea leaf reading. But what about the rumors that the Clippers might be getting involved? If Turner ends up in Los Angeles, but not playing for the purple and gold? Watch out, because it's probably torch-and-pitchforks time.

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: LeBron practices, but without taking contact. Does that mean he's getting close to playing?

SEGMENT 2: Rob Pelinka gets on a plane to Indiana, and hilarity ensues on the internet.

SEGMENT 3: So is the market for Turner heating up?

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