Locked On Lakers-Locked On Nets Crossover: Comparing and Contrasting Franchise Drama!


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(Note: This episode was recorded before the Nets announced their suspension of Kyrie Irving.)

The Lakers and Nets have made some of the NBA's biggest, splashiest and most impactful moves over the last few seasons. But while both teams have made headlines (and more headlines, and more after that) neither franchise has actually done much winning. The Lakers have disintegrated in the standings, and the Nets have become the type of non-stop chain of fires that can't seem to be controlled. The last week, with Kyrie Irving being embroiled in controversy completely of his own making, being the latest example.

So what exactly has gone wrong with these two high profile franchises? What similarities and differences are there? Can either team reasonably be expected to turn things around this season?

And what, exactly, should the Nets do with Irving, and are the Lakers part of that answer?

These questions and more are the subject of a crossover episode with Adam Armbrecht, host of Locked On Nets.

For starters, what exactly is going on with Irving? Should the NBA have come down harder on him than it did (because a statement of condemnation/disappointment from Adam Silver isn't exactly a punishment). What exactly can the league do, anyway? What about the Nets, who seem to have tried to distract people from the problematic circumstances around Kyrie by hiring an equally problematic head coach in Ime Udoka.

These are two teams that are underperforming expectations, but the atmospheres around both are very, very different. Which team is more likely to fix things before they get worse?

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, with Adam Armbrecht of Locked On Nets

SEGMENT 1: The Nets have a Kyrie Irving problem. At one time, that was seen perhaps as a potential avenue for the Lakers. How about now?

SEGMENT 2: What are the Lakers doing to try and reconstruct the team? Are the desperate to move Russ? What about LeBron's leadership?

SEGMENT 3: Which team can fix their problems first?

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