Lakers-Clippers Game Preview with Darian Vaziri (Locked On Clippers)


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It was an inauspicious beginning to the 2022-23 season for the Lakers Tuesday night, and things don't get any easier in Thursday's home opener against the Clippers. If the Warriors are considered the consensus best team in the West, the LAC are certainly second, and because it's the first game are as healthy as they're going to be. So how do the Lakers respond? We preview the game with Locked On Clippers host Darian Viziri!

On paper, a matchup against a team with two dominant wings is one that hurts the Lakers, who are, um, a little thin in that area.

On the other hand, the Clippers don't have a natural answer for Anthony Davis.

Of course, it gets a lot easier to defend A.D. if the Lakers shoot in the way they did Tuesday, where the Warriors just packed the paint and dared LA to make a jumper. Certainly Clippers coach Ty Lue will make the Lakers prove themselves before opening up the floor for Davis and LeBron. One key there, Darian says, is Patrick Beverley. A complete non-entity in the opener, but someone who is capable both of hitting open threes, and also will likely be given the task of, at least for stretches, trying to guard Paul George.

Which team has more pressure, early? Another clunker Thursday could have Lakers fans up in arms, but the Clippers have much higher expectations overall, and have invested tremendous assets in putting a championship team on the floor for this season.

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, with guest Darian Viziri

SEGMENT 1: What exactly are the Lakers facing Thursday against the Clippers? How have they looked?

SEGMENT 2: Matchup issues. How exactly do the Lakers try and guard Kawhi and George? Is the answer. really Pat Bev?

SEGMENT 3: Where is the pressure for each team? And who wins?

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