Is LeBron James Already Taking Shots at Rob Pelinka, Jeanie Buss and Lakers Management?


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Maybe it's nothing... but nobody seems to think that.

Lebron James, who is no stranger to passive aggressive use of social media to make a point, posted Thursday on Instagram a highlight dunk, and a question: "How long will you be taken for granted?" It was widely interpreted as a shot at Lakers management, with the idea they're wasting a still highly productive James. Or at the least, he seemed more than willing to let people make that assumption for at least a day. And James, no neophyte when it comes to social media, certainly understands how a post like that would be interpreted.

So what does it mean if James is already taking shots? Does it change the calculus for how the Lakers can and should look at the trade market? Does it raise the temperature on Rob Pelinka to relent and make a deal he'd otherwise rather pass on? Is there reason to believe that some of the problems with the offense are due to an entire team slumping at once, shooting well below career norms?

How much improvement is required for the Lakers to suddenly look a lot more competent?

It's worth noting, other teams get a vote, here. They may not be interested in what the Lakers have to offer right now, preferring to see what else opens up over the course of the season. It can be easy enough to view moments like this through a Lakers-centric prism and assumption that deals are there for the taking right now if the Lakers make an offer, but that's not the case.

Meanwhile, the Lakers are already dealing with a banged up Anthony Davis. He says he'll play Friday, but if we're asking the question not even five games into the year, it indicates this year could be a long one physically for Davis. Navigating him back to health without missing a lot of time - something the Lakers obviously can't afford - is no easy trick.

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: Anthony Davis is banged up, LeBron James feels unappreciated.

SEGMENT 2: Is there any chance James isn't actually taking a shot at Pelinka?

SEGMENT 3: How might the James Insta post influence the choices of the front office?

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