Is Anthony Davis Ready to be the Lakers' Best Player, Even When LeBron Return?


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For the last two seasons, pundits, team officials and Lakers players alike have all agreed that the key to the team's success is Anthony Davis. He needs to be their most dominant player on a night in, night out basis. The difference between All Star AD and MVP caliber AD is the thing that can elevate the Lakers more than any other personnel move that's available to them.

The last three games for the Lakers, all wins, have shown what that looks like, as Davis has thrashed the competition. But that's without LeBron James in the lineup, and against subpar competition. So what has to happen for this version of Davis to be the one the Lakers see even when James is back? When the schedule toughens up, and teams game play for even more heavily than they already do?

Is it James that has to change? He's been the team's leading scorer in fourth quarters every year they've played together, including the 2020 title year and the playoff run. Is this a matter of habit - LeBron has been a closer his entire career, after all - a function of his talent, the natural hierarchy of things, or something else?

Is it Davis, himself, that has prevented this ascension? What role does Darvin Ham and the offense he designs play in all this?

And what about the supporting cast?

But first... are the Lakers really waiting on a trade to based on measuring their chances this season, or does success or failure now not really figure into the equation, at least relative to future success? Do the Lakers have players of value, beyond those first rounders? Does his Sixth Man stint raise the value of Russell Westbrook? Are Beverley, Nunn, etc. anything more than contract numbers on a spreadsheet?

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: Are the Lakers really thinking about this season when considering trades, or is it more about long term potential?

SEGMENT 2: Who has value for the Lakers? And what needs to happen for Anthony Davis to be "The Man" on the Lakers?

SEGMENT 3: More on AD.

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