Darvin Ham's Vision for Anthony Davis and the Defense. Plus, DeRozan Keeps Talking About the Lakers!


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The Lakers need to improve their defense in a big way, after last season's disaster, and that starts with Anthony Davis. On the one hand, Darvin Ham can use him in multiple ways, because he's extremely versatile on that side of the floor. Ideally, Ham's mission is to figure out a way to deploy Davis in a way that a) maximizes Davis, b) maximizes the Lakers' defense, and c) avoids overextending Davis to the point he risks injury. Because if he gets hurt, the whole thing falls apart.

Unfortunately, those are not necessarily three easy things to align.

So what's the best way to handle things? How much better is the supporting cast around Davis this year, compared to last? Because the answer to that question has a real impact on what Ham can do with AD (and LeBron, and Pat Beverley for that matter). It's an example of the challenge Ham faces this year, trying to figure out how to get the most out of a roster with holes on the wing and significant injury risk among its best players.

Meanwhile, have we reached a place in perception where we all have to re-think our view of A.D.? Is he really a true uber elite guy, not necessarily based on talent, but the year in, year out performance? Is Davis polarizing, like a Ben Simmons or Rudy Gobert, or just really, really frustrating?

Finally, DeMar DeRozan is again talking about how close he thinks he was to becoming a Laker last offseason. This time, with ESPN's JJ Redick. And maybe he truly thought he was coming to LA, and maybe it was a lot closer than most people think? Damn near a done deal, to the point that DeRozan could go to Mexico just to get away from it all, with the expectation he'd land in LA at some point while he was gone? To the point that friends were texting him when the Lakers traded for Westbrook?

But nobody has explained what that trade was going to look like. So unless it was really close and we can all see what exactly Pelinka passed up - and man, there could be some 'splainin to do - DeRozan should stop telling that story because it just makes Lakers fans sad.

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: How can Darvin Ham maximize Davis defensively while still keeping him healthy?

SEGMENT 2: The Lakers have holes on the wing and sketchy options to fill them, defensively. How can they keep everyone healthy and still plug holes?

SEGMENT 3: Is AD polarizing or frustrating? And please stop, DeMar!

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