Boganovic traded to Pistons. Are the Lakers Keeping Westbrook... and Playing Him Off the Bench?


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Bojan Bogdanovic, one of the big rumored targets for the Lakers in any potential transaction involving Russell Westbrook (because he's one of the only players they have who would make a ton of sense on LA's roster) was traded to Detroit on Thursday. Not for any big haul, either. Going forward, the remaining pieces available from the Jazz have even less utility, and would be even less worth surrendering any picks. So more evidence that the Lakers plan on rolling into the season with Westbrook and the current roster basically as it is. Maybe something happens at the margins, but nothing significant.

So no Indiana deal.

No Utah deal.

The Lakers are waiting to see what comes, and if all else fails, going into the offseason with cap space and some first round picks to try and get themselves back into title contention.

Is that the right call? It's very, very hard to say. The Indiana deal is the best out there for this season, but is it best for the next three? Does it put a cap on them that essentially locks the Lakers into a perpetual six seed?

Meanwhile, the folks at Betonline have some fascinating prop bets out there around Westbrook. The most interesting? How many games he comes off the bench, at 5.5. Would you take the over or the under there? Compelling arguments exist for both sides.

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: Bogdanovic to Utah. Why didn't/couldn't/wouldn't the Lakers jump on this one?

SEGMENT 2: Why it's so hard to find the right path for the Lakers, given how limited their options are and how few cracks at fixing things they have at their disposal.

SEGMENT 3: Westbrook off the bench. You buying it? Because Betonline will let you, in a manner of speaking.

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