Learn How Pressing Forward Past Obstacles Can Have You Living Full Out


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Episode: 2021.7.29
The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages us to press forward past obstacles in life. Maybe you are scared of failure. Perhaps you don’t have guidance to help you push forward. Taking on struggles can be difficult, but persisting through those challenges to achieve your goals is the greatest way to live full out.
Our first caller, Citlalli asks Nancy how to stay motivated when you want to improve your lifestyle. She wants to eat healthy and work out consistently but she only has motivation sporadically. She especially struggles to eat healthier as its easier to go through a drive through and not eat at home. Nancy gives tips on how she personally takes accountability and stay on track with her health goals. Tune in to learn how you can be efficient and make the best out of your fitness journey.
Our inspirational guest, Khadjah Tuitt, grew up in a loving home, but that all changed when the crack cocaine era emerged. At only 8 years old, her parents became consumed by drug use which started the years of trauma and neglect to follow. Escaping her household and moving in with her Grandmother, money was tight and at only 13 it was nearly impossible to get a job. This led her to turn to the solution she saw around her, selling drugs. Entering college in the nursing program trying to escape her own ways, she was eventually caught selling cocaine, flipping her life upside down. Listen in to hear how Khadjah persevered through a felony charge to follow her dreams of getting her medical license.
The third caller, Brian ,wants to know how to press forward when he’s anxious about what awaits him after graduating college. He is unsure what the next step is career wise, and he doesn’t know how he should confront the situation. Nancy suggests ways to relieve some of the stress that this transitional period can create. Tune in to learn how to take on each new chapter in your life so that you can find success.
Maybe your issues seem too large to manage. Perhaps you are afraid of what you may lose in the process of pushing forward. Finding the courage within yourself to move through your struggles and to make your dreams a reality is living full out.

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