EP 198 — Dr. Doug Brackmann and Meg Terwilliger: Driven or Possessed? The Need to Succeed


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What traits separate people who are driven from those aren’t?

Psychologist Doug Brackmann and Meg Terwilliger describe what it means to be driven, the differences between driven men and women and how a first-timer beats a veteran sniper in a shooting match in this very illuminating Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about the work Doug and Meg do and take a free assessment on your potential to be driven at their website and listen to their I am Driven podcast.

Show Notes

  • How do people become driven? (7:05)
  • The one thing driven people crave the most. (16:40)
  • We live in a domesticated, farmer’s world. (23:55)
  • FOMO and the perfect cup of espresso. (31:36)
  • Shame: The ability to identify with the monster living inside you. (44:05)
  • Knowing the difference between pain and fear. (50:46)
  • Are you driven or possessed? (58:01)
  • “Identity is a huge component for driven women.” (1:05:29)
  • Identifying wounded masculine behaviors in women. (1:16:32)
  • Extreme self-righteousness, narcissism and pre-verbal wounds. (1:29:36)
  • “Although we envision it to be very euphoric, transformation is uncomfortable.” (1:41:06)
  • Understanding that there’s no weakness in being feminine or gentle. (1:48:20)
  • False enlightenment. (2:12:16)
  • “Why do people self-sabotage? The ego lives in your body, not your brain.” (2:17:49)
  • “There is an elitism to being driven that is not deserved.” (2:33:31)
  • Feminine simplicity beats toxic perfectionism, especially on the shooting range. (2:43:24)
  • Ever attend a shooting meditation retreat? (2:52:25)


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