EP 192 — Jason Pickard: Finding Soul


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When does the student become the teacher?

Jason Pickard made his mark in the world of finance as a very successful portfolio manager at a large hedge fund, but making that incredibly lucrative living left him sick, morbidly obese and psychologically “small.”

Jason describes his incredible transformation to whole health inside and out thanks to the 4 Doctors and his spiritual relationship with Paul that has evolved from mentorship to deep friendship in this loving Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Jason’s life and work with Paul at the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center.

Show Notes

  • Jason finds soul through one of his first loves. (3:53)
  • Jason became a millionaire as a trader by age 26. (8:11)
  • Does Jason know more than a lot of CHEK Professionals? (17:47)
  • The 4 Doctors of Trading. (23:45)
  • Are you checking your morning heart rate? (36:07)
  • How Jason used art and meditation to recover from losing $100 million in two hours. (44:47)
  • From escaping chaos at home to meeting Alex Gray. (52:33)
  • The power of music. (1:06:07)
  • “If you can find something better, you can be my teacher…” (1:12:56)
  • What is your birth card in the Tarot deck? (1:39:23)
  • A plant medicine ceremony is not a casual, recreational experience. (1:50:02)
  • A sense of eldership. (1:58:46)
  • Dreaming yourself into existence. (2:02:25)
  • Jason describes taking HLC2. (2:15:00)
  • A Dr. Diet duet. (2:24:48)
  • Nature deficit disorder. (2:38:40)
  • What Jason is dreaming into existence now. (2:44:45)


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