EP 180 — Enna Reittort: Back to the Future of Humanity


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What does God really mean to you? Do you fear death? How do you get rid of bad programming?

Anthropologist Enna Reittort describes her approach for handling the big questions in life in this very human Living 4D podcast.

Learn more about Enna’s work on her website or buy her book Krivda: The Godtrix Against The Matrix as a paperback or an eBook on BookBaby.

Show Notes

  • The many issues with how we refer to God. (6:42)
  • Are the powers that be attempting to control the rate of death? (23:06)
  • Why the gods envy humans. (37:31)
  • The feminine energy is the bedrock. (59:51)
  • Getting rid of the programming that’s stuck to the walls of our consciousness like old paint is necessary. (1:16:47)
  • What it means to train yourself to die alive. (1:22:18)
  • Giving up things that poison your mind and body aren’t sacrifices. (1:37:01)
  • “Hands develop relationships.” (1:45:47)
  • Can you feel your soul in your body? (1:56:21)
  • How to anchor your soul. (2:05:48)
  • Over the past two decades, Enna’s apprenticeship in nature has helped her discover what the true feminine is. (2:22:13)


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