EP 179 — Mark England and Kimberly Kesting: Tongue and Truth


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Do you think much about how your language — your internal and external dialogue — affects the person you are and the people around you?

Learn how language influences your imagination, feelings and emotions, physiology and breathing with Mark England, self-professed language geek and creator of the Enlifted program, and Kimberly Kesting, Enlifted community manager.

Discover more the Enlifted method at this website. On social media, learn more about Mark on Instagram and more about Kimberly on LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

  • Slow down the conversation. (7:11)
  • Are you holding onto a story you can’t get out of your head? (13:54)
  • “The word belief system is an overly fancy word for opinion.” (24:26)
  • “The reasons people fail consistently: The identity component and the stories they tell themselves.” (35:26)
  • Transforming your mind and words through breathing. (40:02)
  • “If you don’t clean up your personal stories, you’ll have a harder time dealing with big picture stories.” (49:59)
  • Are we living in solutionary times? (58:50)
  • How to handle conflicts over sensitive issues with loved ones starts with yourself. (1:16:35)
  • Projections: Where the venom lives. (1:24:19)
  • Soft talk. (1:26:43)
  • Describing the victim mentality. (1:31:02)
  • Architect language. (1:34:04)
  • The four-step story work process. (1:52:53)
  • Imposter syndrome and the story gap are very similar. (2:00:47)
  • The secret weapon for making affirmations work: Breathing. (2:07:57)
  • The Borg versus Star Trek approach. (2:19:28)
  • How personal trainers and strength coaches can benefit from this practical training Mark and Kimberley offer. (2:27:50)
  • How parents can benefit from this training. (2:38:08)


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