The Power of Yoga Rituals With Kori Hahn


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Most of us think of yoga as a physical practice, but today’s guest shows us how it can help us develop our intuition and encourage us to follow our dreams. Kori Hahn is a yogi who promotes soul growth through practices like yoga and meditation. Her new book, Rituals of the Soul: Using the 8 Ancient Principles of Yoga to Create a Modern & Meaningful Life, explores yoga through the ancient text called the Yoga Sutras. Kori has translated and simplified that ancient text to create a modern, actionable way to use meditation, breathwork and other practices to develop intuition and cultivate greater focus and joy in our daily lives.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of learning to listen to our intuition.
  • Why mindfulness is an important part of a daily practice.
  • How to create your own rituals to inspire change in your life.

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