Malignant (2021)


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Welcome to Little Bracket of Horrors. The pod that puts the fight in fright!
In this episode we come crashing through an attic onto Madison's coffee table to discuss James Wan's 2021 film, Malignant! This film follows Madison; who is suffering from terrifying visions of grisly murders after the brutal death of her husband. Could it be a mad man on the loose or could it all just be in her mind?
So join the LBOH Crew as they backwards crawl their way through this movie in an attempt to cut out the cancer once and for all.
Don't miss out and tune in, for at the end of the season we will be taking all 20 of the films we watch this year and putting them into our Little Bracket of Horrors Deathmatch Tournament. It's a march madness style tournament where only the strongest films will survive. Does Malignant have what it takes? Only time will tell.
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***Special shout out to Jon with BadMoonFX for joining us for this episode. Jon's wealth of knowledge and unique perspective were greatly appreciated. BadMoonFX is an award winning costume production team based out of central Florida that specializes in total fabrication, from masks and costumes, prosthetic wear, armor, and props. They also have ready to wear masks, props, and costumes in their online store and specialize in custom designs for their clients. Check them out at the below links***

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