When They Believe the Narcissist and Not You


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In this episode, Lisa A. Romano dives deep into the mind games narcissists like to play with the people you love. When you love a narcissist, you don't know you have fallen for a mask or a false self. You don't know you're being manipulated and lied to nor that your trust is being used against you in order to control your emotions, behavior, finances, and attention. However, when the mask slips, and you see the truth, the narcissist works even harder to prove to others they are not what you see behind the mask. When it is your children and family that believe the narcissist lies over you, sometimes the best you can do is let go. Grab a cup of coffee, you're not going to want to miss this one. To work with Lisa and her team and to learn to enhance your own emotional IQ, visit https://www.lisaaromano.com/12wbcp To learn more about how Lisa can help you master your emotions, with her online programs, books, meditations, and workbooks, visit https://www.lisaaromano.com

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