LBJ’s 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible


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Ep. 27 Details

  • ODB the "Lincoln Addict” provides Lincoln Life updates
  • ODB covers Linda Baines Johnson's 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible covering
    • When LBJ purchased the car and from who
    • His time owning the car and where it went after his passing
    • Who ended up with the car and when it sold last according to records we found
    • Discussing what it might sell for within the next week via BAT
Bumper music in this episode includes "Welcome To L.A." by Warren G. LA = Lincoln Addict (this song was never officially released and came out after Jermaine Dupri produced "Welcome To Atlanta." Thanks to the Lincoln Addict Crew for the continued support. #LincolnAddictPodcast PEACE! RIP Mark “Papa Smurf” Ballard!

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