Will Success Disconnect You From Others?


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This coaching episode with Courtney is a special one, and it gets pretty emotional as we dig deep into a lot of different aspects of being an entrepreneur, mom and human being. Courtney feels a resistance to earning more money and having a bigger impact, and she’s not alone because this is something that I hear a lot from others. Courtney can see the vision and she knows that it’s possible for her to create a life and business that she wants, but something is standing in the way. She initially thought It was perfectionism, but there are hidden things tripping her and holding her back. It’s actually a fear of success, and what will happen if she did increase her impact and level of success. This is a big concept about success that entrepreneurs ignore, which we look at here. What will happen if you play bigger, and who will you leave behind? Can you be a successful entrepreneur, all while being an amazing partner and parent? These are the questions I help Courtney answer today, and I think you too will get a lot from this coaching episode.

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