Why Undercharging in Your Business is Hurting Your Impact + Accessibility


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Today’s topic is a question I get all the time on Instagram, by email and from people in my mastermind groups, which is why I really wanted to record a podcast episode about it. In fact, this very thing may be holding you back in your business and in the ways that you can impact people.

I’m going to talk about the desire to make your work accessible, and as a result, you underpricing your products or services to so that your ideal customers can afford them. Have you been stuck in the same pricing structure you’ve been at for awhile now? If this sounds like you, then you’re going to want to listen to this episode.

As always, I thank you for listening and I would love to hear your thoughts. DM me on Instagram, @melyssa_griffin, and let me know the impact that you’re going to be able to create from this new place of true generosity in your business!

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