Why Creativity is the Path to Happiness, with Sylvester McNutt


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Today I have an amazing interview with Sylvester McNutt, who I actually met through Instagram where he has a half a million followers (or more)! I was so struck by a video that he posted on healing and how to be with people who are in pain, that I just knew I had to invite Sylvester to be a guest on this podcast.

In this conversation we cover a lot of different things, including why having boundaries is so valuable for healing, how to truly feel your feelings without just bypassing them, and the way to start questioning things in order to develop your own mindset on the world.

If you haven’t heard of Sylvester, he’s an author of many books, a creator of online courses and all the things to help you heal yourself, and he is someone who does all this from a place that feels relatable and easy to digest (and understand)!

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