What to Do When Your Family Holds You Back From Playing Bigger


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Hey, Limitless Life™ family!

So I gotta be honest, today's coaching call might be one of my favorites. Maybe it's because I know today's coachee on a more personal level as someone in my mastermind. Over the past few months, I've been able to really see her blossom even more into her beautiful, bold self as a business owner, a mom, a woman, all the things. She's just an incredible person, and her name is Kelli.

Kelli was noticing that this fear kept creeping up that was holding her back, and she wanted to get some more support around how to move past this once and for all. This fear that was coming up, as you'll discover in today's coaching call, is that she would get tons of amazing comments from people on social media. Then every once in a while, Kelli would get a comment from somebody who she'd never even heard of telling her that she was a fraud or questioning whether what she's selling is a scam.

Often these are complete strangers on the internet who don't know her at all, and they're mixed in with tons of comments from people who absolutely love her work. But she was really letting these comments get to her head. Kelli revealed to me that in her family dynamic growing up, she got a lot of messages about needing to look like you have it all together. Needing to look perfect to everyone else out there, to not shine too brightly, to not take up too much space.

So as we navigate through today's coaching conversation, you'll get a glimpse into how your family dynamics and programming growing up (and even to this day) might be affecting your results in your business, causing you to hold yourself back in a really tragic way.

We create some solutions in today's episode so that you don't have to do that anymore. So that you can actually remove the programming and the conditioning that you learned a long, long time ago. So that you can really let yourself be seen for the imperfect but whole person that you are.

Stay tuned because this conversation is going to change you.

Let's dive in.

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