What to Do When You Put Everyone Else’s Needs Before Your Own


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When I do coaching calls, I tend to notice that people will come to me with a specific problem that they think is holding them back. However, through some talking and coaching, it often ends up being something totally different that is holding them back (which I think is fascinating). Today’s coaching call with Ali is an example of this, and I wanted to share our conversation with you in this episode.

Ali came to me believing that she was having a hard time staying driven, especially during the pandemic and time in isolation. She really just wanted to connect more to the motivated and productive side of herself. What’s interesting is that as we got into our conversation, we found out it really wasn’t about this at all. Ali has the motivation, but she needed something that I think is going to be so relatable to listeners of this podcast.

You’ll hear us talk about what it feels like to ask for support, and why it’s so much more comfortable to take care of everyone else around you instead of doing this. We dig deep and get to the core of this issue for Ali, and we come up with a plan so that she can live more in alignment with her values, instead of her fears.

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