Uplevel Your Life with Hypnosis with Juliet C Obodo


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Have you ever been hypnotized?

You may think of the practice as something of fantasy, but hypnosis is actually a therapeutic technique and can help you in various ways. It’s a calm state of altered-consciousness that allows a person to recall memories or be guided to change a behavior (for example, quit smoking or adopt healthier eating habits.)

Sound like something you might want to try?

In this episode we’re taking a deep dive into the subconscious with hypnotherapist and neurolinguistic master practitioner, Juliet C. Obodo. After working in the corporate world, Juliet took a major career pivot and began living her limitless life fueled by her passion of hypnosis.

In this episode you’ll hear:

* A few of the benefits you can notice by doing hypnosis, and how the practice differs from meditation [4:47]

* The way you can achieve true transformation using hypnosis [7:40]

* What’s happening to use inside our bodies when we are in hypnosis [11:41]

* How setting the right filters in her life changed everything for Juliet [14:12]

* What you can do using your brain to start uplevelling your life right now [25:41]

* The lessons we can learn by observing the way babies learn and model the behavior of adults [32:21]

* Why hypnosis isn’t about mind control, and what it’s about instead [33:11]

* A practice you can use to unblock what is keeping you from being, doing and having [34:51]

* Where to start if you’d like to tap into the power of hypnosis [40:13]

Ready to find out how hypnosis can transform your life? Start listening!

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