My Investment Journey


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If you listened to last week’s episode, you heard Tiffany Aliche (who is known as “The Budgetnista”) share her wisdom how to invest your money, build wealth and why it’s so important to empower and education women with their finances. I thought it would be fun to continue to conversation today by sharing with you my story with my finances and investing, as it’s been an ongoing journey for me too to learn more about these critical topics.

My journey really began about 4 years ago, and the reason I waited so long to start investing was because to be honest it all just seem so complicated. This episode is a deep dive into all of the things that I’ve done to educate myself since then – the good, the bad and the ugly! Please note that I’m not a financial expert and this episode is just about sharing my personal experiences, but hopefully the information I talk about here can help you on your own journey to build wealth!

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