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Are you interested in the “spirituality thing” but not quite sure where to start?

The spiritual space can feel intimidating, especially if you are just beginning to dip your toes in. There also tends to be a lot of misconstrued narratives surrounding meditation and spirituality in general.

In this episode, spiritual guide, meditation teacher, transformational speaker, and international best-selling author, Sah D’Simone, shares what spirituality can look like for you and the power this practice can have. You’ll hear his tips and tricks to help you liberate your mind, including what it means to forgive, how being vulnerable can empower you, how to live more sustainably, and what it takes to tap into your most creative space.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The events in Sah’s former life that contributed to him creating the movement he is leading today [1:05]
  • A profound moment of wisdom he had after a conversation with his father, and the life-defining decision that it resulted in for him [5:55]
  • What forgiveness really means, plus why it’s such a powerful tool that we all can use [7:24]
  • The personal values Sah set that liberated his mind [9:32]
  • How he has used vulnerability to empower himself in his daily life [13:30]
  • What’s lacking in the mainstream narrative about meditation [27:45]
  • Why Sah says that empathy is a gateway to compassion, and how he practices mediation differently than others [33:31]
  • His concept of “raging positivity” that he is now teaching to his students [40:11]
  • How we can each lock into the silence to live a life of sustainability [44:39]
  • The way to start tapping into one of the most creative states that you’ve ever experienced [50:30]

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