How to Move Forward When You Feel Lost or Afraid


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I’ve got another coaching call for you today, this time with a wonderful woman named Saige who is a hypnotherapist and a spiritual guide. Saige came to me because she was feeling like there’s a “next level” to the work that she does, but she was feeling really unclear about what this looked like in her life (and how she would even get there). A lot of Saige’s uncertainty has come from her fear of raising her prices, among other things, and if you’ve ever felt this way then I think you’re really going to resonate with what we talk about in this episode.

This conversation will help you witness the compromises you’ve made that have been holding you back from your truth. I think you’ll also be able to see the opportunity that you have to really discover your direction and to get to that next level in a way that feels really good and exciting to you.

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