How a Mindset Shift Helped Her 3x Her Revenue in One Week


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Have you ever met someone that you just think is totally incredible and unstoppable? That is how I feel about today’s guest, Caley, who I’ve gotten to know over the past 6 months as a member of my mastermind program. When March of this year hit and the fear of the global pandemic was rising, Caley lost 80% of her business within a 5-hour span. Rightfully so, she was pretty scared about this situation, but she learned one key strategy in the mastermind that changed everything for her. Only one week after she lost the majority of her clients, Caley not only matched her previous revenue – but she 3x’d it! The strategy and mindset shift she used to do this is going to be helpful for you too, regardless of what you’re going through in your business right now.

You’re also going to hear about the painful experience of Caley’s father passing, and how she was feeling running a business at this difficult time. She has some beautiful wisdom and perspective to share around this, as well as the vital role that community can play in your life and your business.

If you are interested in learning more about my mastermind too, you can go to, and a group is open for applications right now! If you’re feeling like you need community, support and strategy to get to your next level, then listen in on this conversation with Caley because we are diving deep into a lot of amazing topics today!

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