6-Month Check-In on Our Social Justice Action Plan


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Roughly 6 months ago, I co-created a 1-Year Anti-Racism Action Plan for myself and my company. It was created in June 2020, about a month after George Floyd's tragic murder, as a way to truly pledge my commitment to this work beyond half-hearted promises. Social Justice and white supremacy have been topics I've personally been learning about for about a decade, yet as I looked around my life and business, I saw plenty of unconscious bias and room for improvement (and even things that kind of embarrassed me to admit...more on that in this post!). To me this means that, especially as a white womxn, learning how to dismantle systems of oppression and cause less harm is a lifelong journey. It's a language I can't learn from reading a single book or taking one class, as social justice is an ever-expanding process of self-examination, education, and action. Now that my company and I have had half a year to implement this plan, I wanted to give you a FULL 6-month update to share where we've succeeded, what we're still working on, and what's next. And since Black History Month is kicking off right now, it seems like the perfect time to share this and keep the momentum moving.

Let’s dive in.

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