Islanders Anxiety - Episode 166 - A Go-Pro in Lou's Office


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Mike and Dan talk to Arthur Staple of The Athletic about the Islanders offseason. Who might go, who might stay and where the cap room might be coming from. They discuss possible trade scenarios or strategies for the upcoming expansion draft, and the harsh reality that the Islanders might have to lose some beloved players in order to get better for next season. They look at some ways GM Lou Lamoriello might alleviate the team's cap crunch while also acknowledging that Lou's mind is unreadable and he's already 17 steps ahead of everyone else. They also cover the just-concluded Stanley Cup final, the Islanders having worse odds of winning the 2022 Stanley Cup than the Panthers, cheering the “right” way, expensive concert tickets and the joy of (we hope) not having to watch Pierre McGuire on TV ever again.

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