Meth, Murder & Mayhem: Targeting, Identifying & Documenting the Facts Without Getting “Burned”. An Intense Conversation with Private Investigator Ben Bergeron, Former Chief Criminal Investigator, Prosecutor’s Office, Summit County, Ohio.


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This is our 30th episode!! Not an easy feat to achieve. Our fanbase and listenership has now reached 78 countries! Thank you so much for making this fact a reality. Every member of our production team is humbled and overjoyed by this global reach and expansion!
Today we have the distinct honor and high privilege to talk with someone whom I consider to be a dear friend of mine and whom I tremendously respect professionally: Ben Bergeron. For close to 8 years, he was the Chief Criminal Investigator with the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office.
He currently is a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Ohio and the owner and founder of True Source Investigations, in North Canton, Ohio. Ben has observed A LOT in his long career. From child/sex/human-trafficking to meth labs, meth sales, to blood, bullets, murder and mayhem. Although Ben says that “investigation work isn’t as exciting as you see on TV or in the movies” he “loves it” and he is eager to tackle every new case in the hope of bringing justice and relief for his clientele.
Ben’s public service has involved being a dedicated Law Enforcement Park Ranger for Summit County; a Patrolman for Newcomerstown Police Department; a Deputy Sherriff for St. Tammany Parish Sherriff’s Office in Louisiana and for Summit County, Ohio. He served with great distinction, honor and merit as a Navigator and Quartermaster in The U.S. Navy. Ben is certified as a Master Criminal Investigator by the authority of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy and has over 10 years of law enforcement experience. He served 4 combat tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom and is the recipient of the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal and Navy Commendation Medal.
Ben was charged with the oversight, investigation and prosecution of criminals charged with felony offenses as well as juvenile delinquents for the county. He also oversaw investigations regarding enforcing child support orders and protecting neglected or abused children.
In this smokin’ hot brand-new episode we dig deep, explore and educate on:
● The fact that during our lifetime we accumulate a “paper trail” of identifying information that stretches more than 7 miles in length.
● Reviewing the different areas of criminal investigation, procedural processes --- and the road map of how cases work their way through the courts and everything in between.
● We review the requirements to become a licensed private investigator and what are some of the “juicy details” of what an investigator does.
● As a public service for our listeners, he shares an extensive gun safety step by step process and checklist for the safe handling and operation of firearms.
● He shares insightful tips on how to go about protecting one from undesirable people, crime and scams in general.
● We define what an indictment is, and we look at the “direct indictment” process – that many counties favor versus the traditional process.
● We drill down on the 4 different types of Protection Orders.
●We educate and empower in our “Think Before You Send” Campaign for our Criminal Justice students, and the general public, regarding “sexting”.
● We explore how can the public help facilitate better relations with law enforcement.
This episode is packed with so much information it simply isn’t possible to describe everything that you’ll encounter when you tune in. Those who do tune in will be enlightened, educated and empowered.
I’m honored to again be a part of this team that is focused on investigative journalism and sharing the truth. Like it or not, the truth disturbs, the truth divides, but ultimately the truth delivers and in a time of crisis, the truth provides calm.
Phil Rizzo
Executive Producer

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