The Choice Is Literally Yours With Brandi Holder


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Welcome to Life Transformation Radio. In this episode, Brandi Holder and I discuss how mindset can be your most powerful asset or your most powerful enemy. So if you want to learn the importance of mindset, how surrounding yourself with ambitious people will help you succeed, and know you cannot wear other people's stories about you in order to have the life you want, tune in now! In this episode, you'll discover: You must surround yourself with smart, ambitious people that want to see you succeed. You cannot wear other people's stories about you. Mindset can be your most powerful asset or your most powerful enemy. The choice is literally yours. About Brandi Holder Brandi Holder is a Brand Consultant and Business Coach hellbent on inspiring her clients to take action, aim higher, and achieve runaway success. Brandi is a thoughtful problem solver and creative force with a 20-year career in industries spanning economic development, housing, public safety, technology, trades, mental health, and education. She specializes in brand voice consulting for startups and growth companies and coaching emerging leaders. More Information Learn more about Brandi Holder by visiting Thanks for Tuning In!

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