76. "New Year, New Me?"


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Happy (almost) 2023, LAD listeners!

This time of year is loaded with resolutions and plans for becoming a "better" version of ourselves. It seems like this is more often than not related to changing our body size or eating in new ways. If you're looking for a conversation about the New Year that can put some of this into perspective and take the pressure off, this episode is for you. We'll discuss:

  • Clean Slate syndrome & perfectionism
  • Jealousy of other people’s diet resolutions (and successes)
  • Can the New Year just be a time to reorganize after a long December, instead of a need for extremism?
  • Process oriented intentions versus outcome goals
  • Stef & Sarah’s words for 2023
  • Navigating diet talk in January - Sarah & her Dad, Stef & her Mother In Law
  • Speaking up in the workplace – should we?
  • Being triggered back into diet culture – and seeing it as a window to evolve further
  • Stef & Sarah’s 2023 offers!

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