The Gastroenteritis Blues: (134) The Year is 2022 and Kevin Durant Wants to be a Sixer


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On today's episode of The Gastroenteritis Blues, Dan, Emily and Steve are back to discuss the reality we're living in: the Sixers are lusting after Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant actually reciprocates that emotion. He's also currently traveling Europe with James Harden, so things seem to be fully patched up there. What do our hosts make of all this? How realistic is it that KD could be a Sixer? Would the Nets trade him here? What about the notion of trading Tyrese Maxey?

Also discussed today: the Sixers' reported Christmas Day game against the New York Knicks, the brief and shot-down Ben Simmons rumor about leaving the Nets' group-chat, and Tobias Harris' wedding.

Plus the details about Steve's engagement.

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