It's Okay Not To Be Fine | Promoting Mental Health in the Legal Profession | Reid Murtaugh


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In recent years, attorney wellbeing has taken its rightful place among the legal industry’s discourse, and we have spoken previously on this podcast about ways employers may promote wellbeing in the workplace. Today, we talk with Reid Murtaugh, co-founder of the Lawyers Depression Project, about the breadth and depth of mental illness among practicing lawyers and the ways in which Reid (and others) are addressing this crisis. Reid shares his own mental health journey and what led him and others to create a safe space for practicing attorneys to anonymously share their mental health experiences. Law can be a lonely profession, and it may be tempting to think that no one else understands. But as we learn from Reid: there is a community of lawyers who do understand; no one has to be alone, and it’s okay to admit when you’re not feeling fine and seek help.

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