Power Up Your Business Using Asana with Joshua Zerkel


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In this week's episode we're talking about team productivity and how to win back time in your business using the right tools. Nick interviews Joshua Zerkel, the head of Global Engagement Marketing at Asana. Joshua has dedicated his professional life to helping individuals and businesses use technology to enhance workflow, communication, and information and time management—all with the goal of becoming more productive, effective, and spending time on what’s important to them. He leads Asana’s network of productivity-oriented customers and community partners to create meaningful relationships that extend beyond the walls of Asana HQ.

Nick and Joshua are both passionate about helping teams collaborate more efficiently. At Leverage, we help our clients with operating more efficiently and setting companies up with the best tools for their business needs. Our preferred tool for work management is Asana because you can literally manage all work across an entire organization in Asana.

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