#186 - Does food affect mental health? | Dr. Chris Palmer (Brain Energy)


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How might a keto diet transform not only your metabolic health but may also manage symptoms of mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, and more? Dr. Chris Palmer outlines the principles from his book “Brain Energy” with Ben Grynol in this episode and discusses his journey toward the revolutionary idea that might change how we view mental health care moving forward.

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🎙 What Dr. Chris Palmer & Ben Grynol discuss:
(01:53) — How Chris Palmer started his research for Brain Energy
(11:16) — Painting a picture of the mental health crisis through numbers
(18:20) — Discussing the biopsychosocial model and existing research on the roots of mental disorders
(29:23) — The bidirectional relationship between metabolic and mental health
(34:34) — The real power of the mitochondria and the role it plays in fostering mental and metabolic health
(44:00) — Medication for mental disorders and their long-term effect on patients’ metabolic health
(55:14) — Insulin resistance and its impact on mental disorders
(1:11:10) — Food addiction, stress-eating, and why Chris doesn’t sugarcoat the realities of the ketogenic diet
(1:29:05) — It’s not too late to start taking charge of your metabolic health now
(1:34:11) — Chris touches on the factors that hinder better mental healthcare today and what we can do to advocate for the mentally ill

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