10x Your Traffic & Revenue By Doing This


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In this episode, I’ll talk about how you can level up your traffic and revenue.

Find out what platforms are strong right now in terms of organic reach and how can you get up from being stuck on poor click-through rates, and low engagements by doing these marketing strategies!


  • [00:00] - 10x Your Traffic & Revenue By Doing This
  • [01:00] - How did Eric Siu grow his podcast to million downloads a month?
  • [02:25] - How to trade impressions with other Podcast channels
  • [03:30] - Is LinkedIn a good platform for B2B Marketing?
  • [04:30] - The rise of TikTok videos and Youtube Shorts!
  • [05:40] - Content Framework you can use for 2022 and beyond
  • [07:00] - Here’s how the Youtube algorithm works!
  • [08:00] - How to maximize live events and why relationship building is the priority!
  • [09:10] - Creativity is the answer to marketing stagnation!
  • [10:06] - Should you still invest in SEO marketing?

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