The NDE's of Randy Schiefer


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Join the FREE Online Community at: Sign up for weekly updates at: In March of 2020, Randy Schiefer contracted COVID-19. Within the same month, he was put on a ventilator, emergency intubation, an ECMO machine, and placed in a coma as he fought for his life. As his health deteriorated rapidly, doctors gave Randy a 3% chance of living. But after convalescent plasma treatment, the support of his family, and 3 profound NDE experiences—Randy lived to share his experiences battling COVID-19. Key Topics Discussed in this Episode: - Randy finding out he had COVID-19 - His tragic experience with bilateral pneumonia, emergency intubation, and being put in a cold coma for 4 weeks. “They told my family I had a 3% chance of living.” - Randy was on a ventilator, an ECMO machine, and he needed convalescent plasma to survive. - Randy’s NDE experiences while in a coma. “After I got to the hospital, I had these experiences I just didn't know how to classify them.” - How his NDE experiences put him on a religious quest of spiritual discovery. - Going through a sort of peaceful tunnel and exiting in a beautiful room, which Randy describes was covered in gold and stained glass. - Going back to his physical body and back again to the tunnel that led to the magnificent city two more times, but to different locations. - How Randy, who was previously a non-believer during his career as a criminal investigator, found validation of life after death. - Encountering his loved ones in this other realm, but they wouldn’t acknowledge his presence because it was not his time. - Randy experience with someone in this other realm who gave him the responsibility of passing on a message (“Tell Madison at the salon; Her grandfather's okay.”)—and the profound turn of events that led him to meet with Maddison. - “What was going on mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when you woke up from your coma?”

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