Let's Talk Near Death - The NDE of Lisamarie Boncek


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After battling Lyme disease, Lisamarie developed a severe adrenal gland problem that led to her Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 2018. Lisamarie vividly recounts the sensations during her other-worldly experience including interaction with spirits in this other realm. Lisamarie recalls how she could feel her organs fail, her soul leave her body, and a profound presence of powerful spiritual beings that were there with her. Today, Lisamarie is a Spiritual Speaker/Counsellor, an Ordained Minister, an Ayurveda Specialist, and an Energy Healer. She helps others to heal, drawing on her unique experiences and knowledge. Key Topics Discussed: - How Lisamarie got Lyme disease mowing someone’s lawn and its severe symptoms that rendered her bedridden. - Lisamarie’s experiences before, during, and after her NDE, including being in the presence of Jesus, Mother Mary, and Angels. - Her miraculous healing experience. “I knew that a miracle was happening because they were in my core. They were working on my organs. There was all this energy that I can’t really describe.” - Her feeling of bliss, peace, and being one with the ‘divine love’ - Watching herself in the future during her NDE and learning what she needs to do to relate better with others by having deep compassion and an elevated understanding of life’s purpose. “…and I’m thinking, wow, they’re showing me my future and why I need to be here.” - Her belief system regarding life now and life after death. - Lisamarie’s experience with a medium, who clearly describes her NDE and further explains its meaning. - How Lisamarie delved into research trying to understand her experiences and how she leverages this experiential knowledge to help others in the health space. To learn more about Lisamarie visit: Website: https://www.perfecthealthandbalance.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisamariesongbird/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisamarie_boncek/

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