Let's Talk Near Death - The NDE of Rohini Moradi


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Rohini Moradi’s breath stopped and her heart, and that of her unborn baby, dropped to near zero on her due day—forcing her into an emergency C-section. During this experience, Rohini left her body and she witnessed the chaos in the emergency room as the medical team frantically attempted to save both their lives.

The doctors managed to deliver baby safely and Rohini gradually recovered from the death-defying labor. But 2 months later, tragedy struck. Rohini found herself led into an intense period of spiritual work as she attempted to connect with passed loved ones and and her higher self. In this episode we talk about how traumatic experiences can transmute our perspectives, and change the course of our lives in the process. For Rohini Moradi, her NDE brought her back to her spiritual roots, rekindling a part of her that she had suppressed for a long time.

Rohini is currently a spiritual teacher with training in Akashic Records, Yoga, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Clairvoyance, and Breathwork. She leverages her unique experiences and training to help bridge the gap between spirituality and business through her brand “Magic Inclined.”

Key Topics Discussed in this Episode: - Rohini’s spiritual upbringing in Tehran, Iran - Moving to America, dealing with the culture shock, and suppressing her spiritual inclinations - The backstory and experience of having her 2nd daughter, her NDE during delivery and having an out of body experience - The self-healing journey after losing her daughter 2 months after birth - The astrological reading that inspired Rohini and her husband to add to their family - Is life predestined? - “What do you think was the purpose of your NDE?” - The idea of intuition – i.e., having a feeling that something is going to happen before it does - The concept of past lives - “How do you think your life would be if you hadn't had the NDE?” - The meaning/purpose of life.

You can find out more about Rohini Moradi at:

Website: http://www.magicinclined.com Instagram: @magicinclined MI Community: https://magicinclined.mn.co/landing?from=https%3A%2F%2Fmagicinclined.mn.co%2Ffeed%C2%A0%C2%A0

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