6: Genetic Chimeras, Judas Goats, and Toys


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On a surprisingly deep holiday episode, we ask, what is a genetic chimera, could it save lives, and is it moral? What are Judas Goats, and what are the challenges faced in conservation? And most importantly, what were the first toys in history and what were our favorite toys?

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We also learn about: Why are mythological chimeras all ladies? a Tom/Joe chimera, “It was very dissapointing”, “I expect better evidence”, a Judas Kiss, goats are weird, helicopter tattoos, ring-necked parakeets, relocating hedgehogs, would you download a goat? Helping other human beings, what a concept! Tom’s yo-yo tricks, children existed! the earliest toys, Ella’s duel disk, tamagotchis, and the future of toys.


Chimeras in Mythology

Human Chimeras That Already Exist

Interspecies Organogenesis Generates Autologous Functional Islet

Interspecies Chimerism with Mammalian Pluripotent Stem Cells

Human–animal chimeras: ethical issues about farming chimeric animals bearing human organs

Feral Goat Eradications on Galapagos

Galapagos Goat Eradication

Galapagos Project Isabella

Galapagos Judas Goats

Vegetation and Animal Recovery on Galapagos

Galapagos Invasive Species

Is it Ritual? or is it Children?

Split Twig Observations and Carbon Dating

Ancient Hedgehog Cart (via @trashbandikoot on tiktok)

Business Insider Toy List

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