2: Spooky Frogs, The Most Bones, and Witch Hunts


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On this SpoOoOoky Halloween episode we learn about a slew of truly spooky frogs, investigate which animal has the most bones, and see how capitalism may have led to the rise of witch hunts!

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We also learn about: fluorescence, dinosaur eating frogs (technically), CAN A SPIDER EAT A DINOSAUR??? (NOT CLICKBAIT), frog shazam, Ella learns to love the Freddy Krueger Frog, wishing you a happy bones day, evo-devo, deregionalization, how would antlers wear pants?, the origin of gossip, down with capitalism!


Horror frog breaks own bones to produce claws

Frogs with Claws, Frogs with Hair

Vampire Flying Frog

New pumpkin toadlet species found

How the Newly Discovered, Mud-Loving ‘Zombie’ Frog Got Its Name

The Freddy Krueger Frog

Freddy Krueger Frog Audio

Freddy Krueger Frog Video

Devil Frog

Vampire Squid

Skeletal Structure, University of Idaho

Skeleton, Postcranial, Rommel & Reynolds

New Bedford Whaling Museum

Axial patterning in snakes and caecilians, Woltering et al.

Florida Museum

From Lizard to Snake; Behind the Evolution of an Extreme Body Plan, Woltering

Witches, Witch-Hunting and Women, Sylvia Federici

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