Ep 076: Game On


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Can you believe we are in the final Quarter of 2021; this is just crazy making? Happy Fall, happy October, and happy fourth quarter. Today we are going to look at finishing this year strong and look ahead to 2022. Even though there are so many uncertainties, it’s always a good idea to plan. As a coach, this is the time of year when my clients and I look back on the results that were created throughout the year, we look at what we hit, where we needed to pivot, what worked, what did not work, and all the things we learned along the way. It is a powerful exercise. And I highly recommend you do this. I do this with my business clients, my entrepreneurs, as well as those working on self-development. And don’t pass up those personal outcomes, they are equally as important, because we are whole people, so take that holistic approach.

I’ve always looked at October as a great time to revisit the outcomes and goals we set back in January and do something today that I know my future self will thank me for. It truly looks a little different or maybe a lot different this year, and I know there are so many things we have learned along the way. So take the time to acknowledge them, the lessons are important.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{0:52} It's fall y'all!

{5:00} A CEO strategy retreat

{8:53} Write down everything you've accomplished so far

{12:51} The three Rs to success

{15:46} You have to be in it to win it

{18:39} Get off your rear and get into gear

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