Ep 074: Lean In, Champ


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Have you ever felt like a fraud? Do you doubt your capabilities? Most of us have, as a matter of fact. Anytime we are stretching outside of our comfort zone or hitting the next level in our lives.

The question here is, are we a fraud really? Or are we doubting who we really are, and who we are for people, our purpose in life, and what we must contribute?

I believe in my whole heart we are not frauds; we are human beings having a human experience, and therefore it is natural we are going to argue for limitations from time to time.

In this episode we are continuing to explore the power of choice where we take on overcoming the Imposter by leaning into our Champion.

As entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, and self-growth seekers have you taken the time to get familiar with your champion? And by the way who is this champion anyway?

The champion argues for our greatness even on days we aren’t feeling it! NOW your champion is not smoke and mirrors, your champion is in fact telling you the very truth you are resisting. Your champ wants you to get “you’ve got this” and 100% believes in CONFIDENCE BEFORE COMPETENCE!!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{5:36} Most of us deal with imposter syndrome

{10:06} Busy vs productive

{16:06} We all begin somewhere

{20:18} You have the right to be wrong

{23:13} Acknowledge yourself

{27:22} Amp up the champion

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